Vismark Food Industries

Founded in Singapore in 1986, Vismark now exports their specialty paste to 23 countries. Their paste is behind dishes such as Laksa, Mee Siam, Chilli Crab and Satay. They also make desserts, dim sum, dried food and other sauces. Clientele includes restaurants to hotels, airline caterers & hospitals kitchens.


Indoguna is a major distributor of foods as well as operating a full featured meat processing facility, delivering fine meats & seafood.

Win Sin

Founded in 1969, Win Sin is the definitive pastry, cake & desserts food company, serving more than 300 clients in the Horeca industry in Singapore.

Australian Fruit Juice

Founded in 1973, AFJ offers a wide line of fruit juices, smoothies, ranging from the common juices to the super fruit line. Their premium syrup product, 1883 Maison Routin French Madeleine Syrup is used in cocktails and add originality into gourmet beverages.

Globe Mart

Globe Mart is a strategic supplier of food products as well as services such as cold chain warehousing and fulfillment.  They distribute basic but critical food supplies ranging from specialty vegetables, breads to cheese & tomatoes.

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